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At the end of September, the outbreak began. And on October 25, 5,020 people made it to the safe zone to learn CPR and break the North American record for most people CPR trained at one time in one place.

Thank you for making The Undeading at Wonderland such a success.

As many as 40,000 cardiac arrests occur in Canada each year, and up to 85 per cent of these happen in public areas or homes. For every minute that passes without CPR, chances of survival decrease up to 10 percent. The three simple steps can make a difference between life and death.

For more information and other CPR training events happening across Ontario, or to donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Please click here.

CPR Makes You Undead.

Safe Zone


For a complete list of the survivors, click here.

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Web Comic by Jae Korim

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Idea and Concept, bringing in the team

Concept Illustration

Remember to download the bonus 3 step CPR reminder,
illustrated by Man-San Ma

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